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Hans Höller - Michael Rössner

Sprachkunst XLVI / 2015, 2. Halbband

ISSN: 0038-8483 ISSN Online: 1727-6993
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-8231-3 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8305-1
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(Abstract) (PDF)

Manuela Consonni - Federico Italiano
Primo Levi. In Memoriam. Introductory Note. 117
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s117
(Abstract) (PDF)

Domenico Scarpa
Historical Translatability. Primo Levi Amongst the Snares of European History 1938–1987. 123
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s123
(Abstract) (PDF)

Martina Mengoni
›The Drowned and the Saved‹. A Proposed Reading. 139
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s139
(Abstract) (PDF)

Iris Milner
A Wandering Vaudeville. Levi’s Spectacle of a Voyage Home and Initiation into Art in ›The Truce‹. 157
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s157
(Abstract) (PDF)

Uri S. Cohen
Primo Levi’s Love. 171
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s171
(Abstract) (PDF)

Camilla Miglio - Mario Barenghi
Berichte und Besprechungen 189
doi: 10.1553/spk46_2s189
(Abstract) (PDF)