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Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft - Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft
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Peter Jordan
Vorwort des Schriftleiters 7
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Peter Jordan
Preface of the Managing Editor 10
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s10
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Carsten Butsch
Living in two cultures – Transnational identities of Indian migrants in Germany 13
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s13
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Claire Lévy-Vroelant - Céline Barrère
Doing Memory. Parisian Hotels’ Portraits with Old Migrants 37
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s37
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Christiane Hintermann - Dirk Rupnow
Places, spaces and the memory of migration. Remembering in a (post-)migrant society 59
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s59
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Tamás Egedy - Melanie Kay Smith
Old and New Residential Neighbour- hoods as Creative Hubs in Budapest 85
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s85
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Dario Unterdorfer
“I have no contact to other inhabitants …” Social mixing in a Viennese district – The dichotomy of a concept 109
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s109
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Emilija Manić - Svetlana Popović - Đorđe Mitrović
Is there a “Chinese Wall” in Europe? A Glance at the Development of Socio-economic Disparities in Europe 133
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s133
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Vera Gligorijević - Gordana Vojković - Natalija Mirić - Petar Vasić
Regional and Gender Differences in Self-employment Motivation: Implications on Job Sustainability 149
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s149
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Sascha Sardadvar - Assma Hajji
The Long-Run Interregional Distribution of Human Capital in Austria: What Role for Knowledge Intensity of Production? 167
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s167
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Jan D. Bláha - Aleš Nováček
How Central Europe is Perceived and Delimited 193
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s193
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Oana-Ramona Ilovan - Ioana Scridon - Kinga Xénia Havadi-Nagy - Dănuţ Huciu
Tracing the Military Frontier District of Năsăud. Territorial Identity and Regional Development 215
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s215
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Andreas Müller
Benefits of voluntariness – The company image as a multidimensional motive for socially responsible engagement of enterprises in city and region 245
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s245
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Ayar Rodríguez de Castro - Antonio Vázquez Hoehne
Decoding of Place Names as Geographical Information Tools 263
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s263
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Fengtao Guo - Joseph P. Stoltman - Yushan Duan - Terri Bourke
A Comparison of Content Standards Documents for Geographical Tuition in China and the United States 289
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s289
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Werner Bätzing
A geographical view at the world. Real experiences of space and the promises of salvation of a virtual world 309
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s309
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Robert Kostka
Johann Nepomuk Count Wilczek and Austrian arctic research 320
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s320
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Jan Munzar - Stanislav Ondráček
The Earliest Instructions for Weather Observations in Bohemia from the 1st Half of the 19th Century (A Historical Note) 334
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s334
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Ingo Mose
NeReGro – ein Kooperationsprojekt in der Gebietsschutzforschung 345
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s345
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Peter Jordan
33. Internationaler Geographischer Kongress „Shaping Our Harmonious World“ Peking [Beijing], 21.–25. August 2016 353
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s353
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Peter Jordan
29. Sitzung der Expertengruppe der Vereinten Nationen für geographische Namen Bangkok [Krung Thep], 25.–29. April 2016 359
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s359
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Yvonne Franz
“Life is short, planning is long”: The Continuous Redevelopment and Adaptation of US-American Cities 365
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s365
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Thomas Glade - Helmut Wohlschlägl
Hans Fischer 1931–2016 369
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s369
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Robert Peticzka
Berthold Bauer † 373
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s373
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Heinz-Peter Brogiato - Peter Jordan
Walter Sperling 1932–2016 375
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s375
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Doris Wastl-Walter
Verleihung der Franz-von-Hauer-Medaille an Martin Seger 378
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s378
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Helmut Wohlschlägl
Verleihung der Franz-von-Hauer-Medaille an Axel Borsdorf 382
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s382
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Peter Fritz
Arthur Spiegler. Dem Solisten unter den österreichischen Geographen zum 80. Geburtstag 387
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s387
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Anton Gosar
Friedrich M. Zimmermann zum 65. Geburtstag 390
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s390
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Isolde Hausner
Otto Back zum 90. Geburtstag 393
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s393
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Robert Rill
Erich Hillbrand zum 90. Geburtstag 396
doi: 10.1553/moegg158s396
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Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft
Buchbesprechungen 401
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Christian Staudacher - Helmut Wohlschlägl
160 Jahre Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft (1856–2016) 421
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Helmut Wohlschlägl
Gesellschaftsnachrichten 431
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