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Andreas Gottsmann - Barbara Haider-Wilson - Helmut Wohnout
Einleitung 11
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s11
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Alessandro Di Meo
L’area Siro-Palestinese nel contesto geopolitico ottocentesco in una prospettiva globale (1798–1840) 13
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s13
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Gianfranco Armando
La Questione d’Oriente e la Guerra di Crimea attraverso gli articoli della Civiltà Cattolica 39
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s39
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Jutta Faehndrich
A Map, the Beauty, and the Beast. The Three Palestines of Lieutenant van de Velde 47
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s47
(Abstract) (PDF)

Barbara Haider-Wilson
Jerusalem’s Place in the Relationship between the Orient and the Occident 61
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s61
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Anastasia Keshman
Walking in the Footsteps of Christ in Latin, Greek or Russian. On the Various Ways of the Via Dolorosa in 19th Century Jerusalem 89
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s89
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Bernhard Kronegger
Imperial Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Journeys of Franz Joseph I and Wilhelm II. between Religious Tradition and Political Calculation 117
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s117
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Lily Arad
Gifts Fit for a King. Jerusalem, the Old Yishuv and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchs 135
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s135
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Giorgio Del Zanna
Pellegrinaggi italiani in Palestina tra XIX e XX secolo. Pellegrinaggi in Oriente nella prima ‘globalizzazione’ 163
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s163
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Konstantinos Papastathis
The Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate on the Holy Places Question from the Crimean War to the British Mandate 177
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s177
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Yali Hashash
Muslims and Jews in Nineteenth-Century Palestine in the Mirror of Evangelical Missionary Reports 193
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s193
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Florian Martin Müller
Briefe aus Jerusalem. Aus meinem Tagebuch. Der Aufenthalt des Tiroler Franziskanerpaters Innozenz Ploner im Heiligen Land 1903–1904. 209
doi: 10.1553/rhm61s209
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