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Sonja Spitzer - Vanessa Di Lego - Angela Greulich - Raya Muttarak
A demographic perspective on human wellbeing: Concepts, measurement and population heterogeneity page 1
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.int01
(Abstract) (PDF)

Carol Jagger
EU and UK targets for healthy life expectancy – are they achievable? page 15
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.deb01
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andrew E. Clark
Demography and well-being page 23
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.deb02
(Abstract) (PDF)

Wolfgang Lutz
Sustainable human wellbeing: What can demography contribute? page 29
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.deb03
(Abstract) (PDF)

Paul Frijters
WELLBYs, cost-benefit analyses and the Easterlin Discount page 39
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.deb04
(Abstract) (PDF)

Richard E. Lucas
Comparing global reports of subjective well-being to experiential measures page 67
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.rev01
(Abstract) (PDF)

Bernard Harris
Anthropometric history and the measurement of wellbeing page 91
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.rev02
(Abstract) (PDF)

David E. Bloom - Victoria Y. Fan - Vadim Kufenko - Osondu Ogbuoji - Klaus Prettner - Gavin Yamey
Going beyond GDP with a parsimonious indicator: inequality-adjusted healthy lifetime income page 127
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res1.1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Erich Striessnig - Claudia Reiter - Anna Dimitrova
Global improvements in Years of Good Life since 1950 page 141
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res1.2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Farid Flici - Nacer-Eddine Hammouda
Mortality evolution in Algeria: What can we learn about data quality? page 169
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res1.3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marília R. Nepomuceno - Vanessa di Lego - Cássio M. Turra
Gender disparities in health at older ages and their consequences for well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean page 191
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res2.1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Anna Barbuscia - Chiara Comolli
Gender and socioeconomic inequalities in health and wellbeing across age in France and Switzerland page 215
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res2.2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Dilek Yıldız - Hilal Arslan - Alanur Çavlin
Understanding women’s well-being in Turkey page 255
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res2.3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andrew E. Clark - Hippolyte d’Albis - Angela Greulich
The age U-shape in Europe: the protective role of partnership page 293
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res3.1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Bernhard Riederer - Nina-Sophie Fritsch - Lena Seewann
Singles in the city: happily ever after? page 319
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res3.2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marina Zannella - Alessandra De Rose
Fathers’ and mothers’ enjoyment of childcare: the role of multitasking page 355
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res3.3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Claudia Reiter - Sonja Spitzer
Well-being in Europe: decompositions by country and gender for the population aged 50+ page 383
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res4.1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Hideko Matsuo - Koen Matthijs
The life course and subjective well-being across generations – an analysis based on cross-national surveys (2002–2016) page 417
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res4.2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Felix Bittmann
Academic track mismatch and the temporal development of well-being and competences in German secondary education page 467
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res5.1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Paul Ronak - Rashmi
Is educational wellbeing associated with grade repetition and school dropout rates among Indian students? Evidence from a panel study page 503
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.res5.2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Thananon Buathong - Anna Dimitrova - Paolo Miguel M. Vicerra - Montakarn Chimmamee
Years of Good Life: An illustration of a new well-being indicator using data for Thailand page 547
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2021.dat.1
(Abstract) (PDF)