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Valerie Braun - Martin Coy - Günter Köck - Brigitte Scott

eco.mont Vol. 9 No. 1

ISSN: 2073-106X ISSN Online: 2073-1558
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8095-1
Subject Area: Geography

Valerie Braun
Content page 1
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Valerie Braun
Legal Notice page 2
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Valerie Braun - Brigitte Scott
Editorial by Valerie Braun and a good-bye note from Brigitte Scott page 3
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s3
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Benedikt Hora
Do large private protected areas contribute to sustainable development? A case study from the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Neltume, Chile page 5
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s5
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Ilie C. Telcean - Roland E. Mihut - Diana Cupşa
The fishes’ last stand: the fish fauna of Jiu River Gorge, between decades of coal mining and present day hydroenergetic works page 15
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s15
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Luca Giupponi - Gian Battista Bischetti - Annamaria Giorgi
Vegetation analysis and estimation of forest reconstitution time in protected areas of Val Camonica (Southern Alps) where a commercial mixture of seeds was sown page 22
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s22
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Stefan Weber - Florian Knaus
Using drones as a monitoring tool to detect evidence of winter sports activities in a protected mountain area page 30
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s30
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Sarah Kerle - Ulrike Tappeiner
The Tyrolean Alps LTSER platform – providing scientific insights for better management of protected areas page 35
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s35
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Astrid Wallner - Yasmine Willi - Thomas Hammer
We are the political landscape – Governance in European protected areas. Report on the tutorial held at the EUROPARC Conference 2016 page 40
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s40
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Valerie Braun
Book Review / News page 42
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-9-1s42
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