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Euromab Austria 2005
EUROMAB AUSTRIA 2005 Meeting of the Euromab Biosphere Reserve Coordinators and Managers

EUROMAB AUSTRIA 2005 Meeting of the Euromab Biosphere Reserve Coordinators and Managers

ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3715-3
Subject Area: Biological Sciences
approbated - online

Doris Pokorny
IV. 1. Measuring Success in Implementing the Biosphere Reserve Concept page 25
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s25
(Abstract) (PDF)

Petr Cupa
IV. 2. How Biosphere Reserve Coordinators accomodate multiple Designations (i.e. Biosphere Reserves which inlcude World Heritage Sites, Ramsar Wetlands, Natura 2000 Site, etc.) page 40
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s40
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andris Urtans
IV. 3. Participation and Public Relations in Biosphere Reserves page 56
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s56
(Abstract) (PDF)

Richard Murzin
IV. 4. Biosphere Reserves as "Learning Sites" for Education for sustainable Development page 75
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s75
(Abstract) (PDF)

Zbigniew Niewiadomski
IV. 5. Financing and Quality Economies in Biosphere Reserves page 92
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s92
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alois Herzig
IV. 6. Turning "old" Biosphere Reserves into New Generation Biosphere Reserves (with special Attention to "old" Biosphere Reserves important for long term Research) page 105
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s105
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sigrid Hockamp-Mack
IV. 7. Partnership and Networking of Biosphere Reserves (establishing official Working Groups dedicated to coordinating Partnerships between German Biosphere Reserves and International Biosphere Reserves) page 121
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s121
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michael Jungmeier
IV. 8. IPAM: Tools for Integrative Protected Area Management page 122
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s122
(Abstract) (PDF)

Günther Loiskandl
IV. 9. Presentation of the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve page 132
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s132
(Abstract) (PDF)

I. Executive Summary of Results and Follow Up page 9
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s9
(Abstract) (PDF)

II. Welcome page 11
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s11
(Abstract) (PDF)

III. Introduction page 13
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s13
(Abstract) (PDF)

V. Informal Thematic Side Meetings page 143
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s143
(Abstract) (PDF)

VI. Annex I page 150
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s150
(Abstract) (PDF)

VII. AnnexII page 162
doi: 10.1553/euromab_austria2005s162
(Abstract) (PDF)