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Michel Breger

Communications in Asteroseismology 142

ISSN: 1021-2043 ISSN Online: 1021-2043
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3137-3 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3972-0
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Michel Breger
Titelei page 1
doi: 10.1553/cia142s1
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Michel Breger
Contents page 3
doi: 10.1553/cia142s3
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Michel Breger
Editorial page 4
doi: 10.1553/cia142s4
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. H. Dall - G. Handler - M. B. Moalusi
First results from a multisite campaign on AV Cet page 6
doi: 10.1553/cia142s6
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. A. Pamyatnykh
Comments on the upper main-sequence instability domains page 10
doi: 10.1553/cia142s10
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Handler - C. Aerts
A five month multitechnique, multisite campaign on the _ Cephei star _ Eridani page 20
doi: 10.1553/cia142s20
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Breger - W. Zima - R. Garrido - G. Handler - P. Reegen - R. Zechner
1994 multisite photometry of the _ Scuti star _² Tau page 25
doi: 10.1553/cia142s25
(Abstract) (PDF)

R. Samadi - M.-J. Goupil - G. Houdek
Solar-like oscillations in _ Scuti stars page 37
doi: 10.1553/cia142s37
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. R. Percy - G. Gilmour-Taylor
Fishing for Delta Scuti stars in the Hipparcos photometric database page 48
doi: 10.1553/cia142s48
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Joshi - V. Girish - R. Sagar - D. W. Kurtz - P. Martinez - S. Seetha
Discovery of pulsation in the Am Star HD 102480 page 50
doi: 10.1553/cia142s50
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Vidal-Sáinz - P. Wils - P. Lampens - E. Garcia-Melendo
Multiperiodicity of V350 Peg page 52
doi: 10.1553/cia142s52
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. Wils - P. Van Cauteren - R. Groenendaels
The High Amplitude _ Scuti Variable Star GSC 3109-00162 page 54
doi: 10.1553/cia142s54
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Rolland - V. Costa - E. Rodriguez - P. J. Amado - J. M. Garcia-Pelayo - P. López de Coca - I. Olivares
Is TU UMi a W UMa-type system ? page 57
doi: 10.1553/cia142s57
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. N. Udovichenko
CCD photometry of XX Cyg page 61
doi: 10.1553/cia142s61
(Abstract) (PDF)