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Michel Breger

Communications in Asteroseismology 148

ISSN: 1021-2043 ISSN Online: 1021-2043
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3805-1 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3979-9
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Michel Breger
Titelei page 1
doi: 10.1553/cia148s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michel Breger
Contents page 3
doi: 10.1553/cia148s3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michel Breger
Introductory Remarks page 4
doi: 10.1553/cia148s4
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. Collins - J. Guzik
The Potential of Non-standard Pulsation Models for Asteroseismology page 5
doi: 10.1553/cia148s5
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. E. Mølholt - S. Frandsen - F. Grundahl - L. Glowienka
NGC 2660 revisited page 12
doi: 10.1553/cia148s12
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Guggenberger - K. Kolenberg
The moving bump in the light curves of SS For and RR Lyr page 21
doi: 10.1553/cia148s21
(Abstract) (PDF)

H. King - J. M. Matthews - C. Cameron et al.
HD 114839 - An Am star showing both δ Scuti and γ Dor pulsations discovered through MOST photometry page 28
doi: 10.1553/cia148s28
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. F. Rowe - J. M. Matthews - C. Cameron et al.
Discovery of hybrid γ Dor and δ Sct pulsations in BD+18 4914 through MOST spacebased photometry page 34
doi: 10.1553/cia148s34
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Breger - Yu. Fedotov
1 Mon: The ´lost´ 1979 - 1985 data page 44
doi: 10.1553/cia148s44
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Breger
Amplitude variability of the cepheid V473 Lyr page 52
doi: 10.1553/cia148s52
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. C. Cameron - J. M. Matthews - J. F. Rowe et al.
MOST Photometry of the roAp star HD 134214 page 57
doi: 10.1553/cia148s57
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. Lampens - Y. Frémat - P. De Cat - H. Hensberge
Towards accurate component properties of the Hyades binary 0² Tau page 65
doi: 10.1553/cia148s65
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. W. Robertson - P. Van Cauteren - P. Lampens et al.
New frequency analyses of the multiperiodic δ Scuti variables CR Lyn and GG UMa page 70
doi: 10.1553/cia148s70
(Abstract) (PDF)

Y. Frémat - A. Antonova - Y. Damerdji et al.
Spectroscopy of HIP 113790 at the 5th OHP NEON summer school page 77
doi: 10.1553/cia148s77
(Abstract) (PDF)