doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Brigitte Scott - Valerie Braun
Editorial page 3
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Katharina Conradin - Urs Wiesmann
Does World Natural Heritage status trigger sustainable regional development efforts? page 5
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s5
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michael Kuttner - Anna Schneidergruber - Thomas Wrbka
Do landscape patterns reflect ecosystem service provision? – A comparison between protected and unprotected areas throughout the Lake Neusiedl region page 13
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s13
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marianne Penker - Pamela Mühlmann - Andreas Muhar
Volunteering for land care – A typology of civil society organizations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as the basis for establishing new initiatives page 21
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s21
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ernst Steinicke - Kabann I.B. Kabananukye
National parks and social tensions – Case study Ugandan Rwenzori National Park page 29
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s29
(Abstract) (PDF)

Maolin Hu - Huiming Zhou - Zhiqiang Wu - Shan Ouyang - Chunquan Chen
Freshwater fish species richness and conservation of mountain streams in the Jinggangshan National Nature Reserve, China page 37
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s37
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stefanie von Fumetti - Susanne Felder
Faunistic Characterization of Alpine springs in the Swiss National Park page 43
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s43
(Abstract) (PDF)

Axel Borsdorf
Book Review page 50
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s50
(Abstract) (PDF)

Günter Köck
Report of the EuroMAB Conference 2013, “Engaging our Communities”, Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, Brockville (Ontario, Canada), 15–19 October 2013 page 53
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s53
(Abstract) (PDF)

Szymon Ciapała - Paweł Adamski - Adam Mroczka - Juraj Svajda - Zbigniew Witkowski
Threats related to tourism and recreation in Natura 2000 areas, based on the analysis of the standard data forms (SDF) from the Alpine Bioregion of Slovakia page 55
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s55
(Abstract) (PDF)

Muriz Spahić - Aida Korjenic - Edin Hrelja
Problems of genesis, evolution and protection of the Una tuff in Una National Park page 61
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s61
(Abstract) (PDF)

Axel Borsdorf
News page 68
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s68
(Abstract) (PDF)