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Edeltraud Aspöck - Seta Štuhec - Karin Kopetzky - Matthias Kucera

Old Excavation Data. What Can We Do?

Oriental and European Archaeology
Volume 16
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-8450-8 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8800-1
Subject Area: Prehistory
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Preliminaries page 1
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Table Of Contents page 7
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Barbara Horejs
Preface page 9
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Edeltraud Aspöck
Old Excavation Data – What Can We Do? An Introduction page 11
(Abstract) (PDF)

Jon Michael Frey
The ARCS Project: A ʻMiddle Rangeʼ Approach to Digitised Archaeological Record page 25
(Abstract) (PDF)

Miller C. Prosser - Sandra R. Schloen
Unlocking Legacy Data: Integrating New and Old in OCHRE page 39
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Birger Ekornåsvåg Helgestad
The Ur Digitisation Project: Delving into Woolley’s Legacy page 53
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Federico Zaina
Back to the Archive: The Challenge of Old Excavation Data from Ancient Mesopotamia page 65
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Edeltraud Aspöck - Gerald Hiebel - Karin Kopetzky - Matej Ďurčo
A Puzzle in 4D: Archiving Digital and Analogue Resources of the Austrian Excavations at Tell el-Daba, Egypt page 79
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Matthias Kucera - Wolfgang Neubauer - Sandra Müller - Milena Novak - Juan Torrejón-Valdelomar - Mario Wallner - Alois Hinterleitner - Andreas Lenzhofer - Christoph Traxler
The Tell el-Daba Archaeological Information System: Adding the Fourth Dimension to Legacy Datasets of Long-Term Excavations (A Puzzle in 4D) page 101
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Index page 121
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