Digital Object Identifier

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are assigned by authorised agencies to digital documents and are used for the distinct and permanent identification of contents in the Internet. Through the cross-linking between the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press and CrossRef (, the secure and long-term locating and summoning of digital WWW-publications is assured.

A DOI consists of a prefix that is specific to an organisation, and a numerical or alphabetical code that is specifically related to the object and that can generally be freely defined.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences Press provides Digital Object Identifiers free of charge to the Academy's research institutes for their research publications. The following conditions must be met:

- The publication must also be issued on the ePublications Portal of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (non-exclusive rights).

- The publication may not receive a second DOI for the same version of the document. This means that articles appearing in journals that are printed and also online, and that therefore have been assigned a DOI from an external publishing house, cannot receive an Academy DOI. However, preprints or postprints of such articles can have an Academy DOI.

CrossRef is a cooperation that currently provides so-called "reference linking services" to 300 publishing houses and 400 universities and research institutes world-wide.

For more information or requests for DOIs, please contact the staff of the Press at or tel. +43-[0]1-51581, ext. 3405. They will be happy to help you.