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The Austrian Academy of Sciences Press is a service department of the Austrian Academy of Sciences that markets research and manages content. Nine employees organise the production, the administration and the sales of printed and electronic publications (books, journals, maps, CDs, CD-ROMs, data banks, eBooks and eJournals).

The Press publishes the results of research projects conducted at the Academy, of research projects conducted in collaboration with Academy Institutes, or research projects of members of the Academy.

Approximately 80 new publications appear yearly, and the back list contains about 3400 titles. Exports to no less than 80 countries world-wide comprise 75% of sales. The Press has international distribution partnerships, f.i. with Ian Stevens Distribution (USA) .

Our goals are efficient publication processes, the best possible public relations, and the international visibility of scientific research in Austria.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences Press was founded in 1973 with the intention of publishing the latest results of scientific research in Austria at the highest possible standards and to distribute nationally and internationally, thus offering scientific research in Austria a suitable publishing platform.
In the ensuing years work by scientists from over 30 countries has been published by the Press, making their work available to their scientific colleagues as well as to the ever-growing group of those interested in scientific discourse.

The quality of these publications is guaranteed by an expert publications advisory board and by international peer review. The research activities of the Austrian Academy of Sciences allow the Press to offer publications in many areas of the humanities and natural sciences, as well as in the social sciences and law.

Research project results that are considered for being published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press are submitted to the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Section for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (for projects in the humanities) or the Section for Mathematics and the Natural Sciences (for projects in the natural sciences). Publications in the natural sciences are discussed in the monthly meetings of the Section for Mathematics and the Natural Sciences and publications in the humanities are evaluated by the Publication Committee of the Section for the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Publications that appear in the Press are thus evaluated and scientifically appraised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, unless explicitly noted otherwise. We do not publish masters' theses or dissertations.

We will be happy to provide any further information that you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Electronic Publications & Research Transfer Platform

The Austrian Academy of Sciences Press publishes audio CDs, CD-ROMS, combination products (book+CD-ROM) and online Publications (eBooks, eJournals, and electronic reference works). For the administration, distribution and sales of online publications, a publications portal based on a Hyperwave Information Server, created by the Institute for Information Processing and Computer Supported New Media of the Graz University of Technology, is used. For our publishing and archiving we base ourselves on the international Metadata Convention (for example OAI, CrossRef) and recommendations for long-term availability of electronic resources. 


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