Open Access and FWF / EU

All beneficiaries of EU Horizon2020 grants are required to deposit and ensure open access to their publications in the institutional repository of their respective mother institution (EPUB.OEAW), or alternatively in a subject repository (PubMed) or a centralised repository (Zenodo). The FWF Open Access Policy states the same provisions.

The Academy´s institutional repository, EPUB.OEAW, is OpenAIRE-compatible and will help you fulfilling the requirements. Please see also this PDF-document.

Please contact Mag. Herwig Stöger (DW 3405) or Georg Lasinger (DW 3415) for further details.

Open Access Politics

In principle all electronic publications of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press are available for the general public. Some require a fee for access and others are free of charge.

Regarding the Open Access Policy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences please visit

The Austrian Academy of Sciences Press is a registered Romeo Green Publisher.

The program "AUTHOR´S CHOICE" enables authors of journal articles by paying an open access fee to have published an article open access immediately with publication on the Internet.

Access to condensed versions for research of the ÖSTERREICHISCHES BIOGRAPHISCHES LEXIKON 1815-1950 ONLINE , condensed versions for research of the OESTERREICHISCHES MUSIKLEXIKON ONLINE , the eBook CYBERSCIENCE, database STERNWARTEN IN ÖSTERREICH , the electronic editions of the journals SITZUNGSBERICHTE UND ANZEIGER DER MATHEMATISCH-NATURWISSENSCHAFTLICHEN KLASSEVIENNA YEARBOOK OF POPULATION RESEARCH , COMMUNICATIONS IN ASTEROSEISMOLOGY, series MAN AND BIOSPHERE (MAB), GLOBAL CHANGE PROGRAMME, Working Papers zur Sozialanthropologie, Veröffentlichungen zur Technikfolgenabschätzung, Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Entwicklungsfragen as well as ABSTRACTS, TABLES OF CONTENTS and READING SAMPLES of electronic journals and eBooks, as well as the COMPLETE TEXT of electronic journals and eBooks (monographic works), if feasible, from the eleventh year after publication are free of charge.

Academic institutions located in one of the countries listed on OECD´s "DAC-List of ODA-Recipients" (also ) can apply for free access to the complete online-program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.