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Susana B. Adamo
Relevance of population mobility for climate change mitigation
doi: 10.1553/p-ed4a-5n8p
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Johan Junkka - Maria Hiltunen
Temperature- and seasonality-related infectious disease mortality among infants: A retrospective time-series study of Sweden, 1868–1892
doi: 10.1553/p-33g4-pgab
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Daniela Arsenović - Stevan Savić - Dragan Milošević - Zorana Lužanin - Milena Kojić - Ivana Radić - Sanja Harhaji - Miodrag Arsić
Impact of urban outdoor thermal conditions on selected hospital admissions in Novi Sad, Serbia
doi: 10.1553/p-m53z-m2eh
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Emma Engström - Martin Kolk
Projecting environmental impacts with varying population, affluence and technology using IPAT – Climate change and land use scenarios
doi: 10.1553/p-n5en-z38a
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Francesca Zanasi - Risto Conte Keivabu
Extreme temperatures and morbidity in old age in Europe
doi: 10.1553/p-8z36-6mmj
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Katharina Fenz - Thomas Mitterling - Jesus Crespo Cuaresma - Isabell Roitner-Fransecky
Climate, conflict and internal migration in Colombia
doi: 10.1553/p-8kaj-g8kb
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