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Michel Breger

Communications in Asteroseismology 144

ISSN: 1021-2043 ISSN Online: 1021-2043
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3290-5 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3974-4
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Michel Breger
Titelei page 1
doi: 10.1553/cia144s1
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Michel Breger
Contents page 3
doi: 10.1553/cia144s3
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Michel Breger
Editorial page 4
doi: 10.1553/cia144s4
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W. Zima - K. Kolenberg - M. Briquet - M. Breger
Moment Method & Pixel-by-Pixel Method: Complementary Mode Identification I. Testing FG Vir-like pulsation modes page 5
doi: 10.1553/cia144s5
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P. Van Cauteren - P. Lampens - A. Pigulski
Note on the short-period variability of V521 Cas in NGC 7789 page 23
doi: 10.1553/cia144s23
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K. D. Gazeas - P. G. Niarchos - K. A. Boutsia
SZ Lyn: New BVRI CCD observations and improved pulsational and orbital elements page 26
doi: 10.1553/cia144s26
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A. Thoul - R. Scuflaire - M. Ausseloos - C. Aerts - A. Noels
Asteroseismology of the β Cephei star HD 129929. Effects of a change in the metal mixture page 35
doi: 10.1553/cia144s35
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P. Lenz
Period04 - A successor to Period98 to be completed this year page 41
doi: 10.1553/cia144s41
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J. Nendwich - U. Heiter - F. Kupka - N. Nesvacil - W. W. Weiss
Interpolation of Stellar Model Grids and Application to the NEMO Grid page 43
doi: 10.1553/cia144s43
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