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Michel Breger

Communications in Asteroseismology 150

ISSN: 1021-2043 ISSN Online: 1021-2043
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3916-4 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3980-5
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Michel Breger
Titelei page 1
doi: 10.1553/cia150s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michel Breger
Contents page 3
doi: 10.1553/cia150s3
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G. Handler - G. Houdek - Proceeding Editors
Preface page 10
doi: 10.1553/cia150s10
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. W. Kurtz - W. W. Weiss
An overview of Michel Breger´s career page 11
doi: 10.1553/cia150s11
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Breger
Delta Scuti stars: Observational aspects page 25
doi: 10.1553/cia150s25
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Daszynska-Daszkiewicz
Approaching asteroseismology of δ Scuti stars: problems and prospects page 32
doi: 10.1553/cia150s32
(Abstract) (PDF)

O. Kochukhov
Observations of pulsations in roAp stars page 39
doi: 10.1553/cia150s39
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. S. Cunha
Theory of rapidly oscillating Ap stars page 48
doi: 10.1553/cia150s48
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Poretti et al.
SX Phe stars in the Fornax dSph galaxy page 55
doi: 10.1553/cia150s55
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Bernabei et al.
REM observations of the Herbig Ae stars V346 Ori and PDS2 page 57
doi: 10.1553/cia150s57
(Abstract) (PDF)

M.-A. Dupret et al.
Asteroseismology and mode driving of the Herbig Ae star HD 104237 page 59
doi: 10.1553/cia150s59
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Rodriguez et al.
Asteroseismology of the extreme metal-deficient field high-amplitude SX Phe variable BL Cam page 61
doi: 10.1553/cia150s61
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Rodriguez et al.
δ Sct stars in eclipsing binaries: the case of Y Cam page 63
doi: 10.1553/cia150s63
(Abstract) (PDF)

V. Costa et al.
Strömgren photometry of the δ Sct star V402 Cep page 65
doi: 10.1553/cia150s65
(Abstract) (PDF)

H. Lehmann - D. E. Mkrtichian
New pulsation pattern of RZ Cas observed spectroscopically in 2006 page 67
doi: 10.1553/cia150s67
(Abstract) (PDF)

S.-L. Kim - C.-U. Lee - J. W. Lee - J.-H. Youn
Physical properties of the oEA star IV Cas page 69
doi: 10.1553/cia150s69
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Michalska - A. Pigulski
Pulsating components of eclipsing binaries from the ASAS-3 data page 71
doi: 10.1553/cia150s71
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Ruoppo et al.
A theoretical scenario for PMS δ Scuti stars page 73
doi: 10.1553/cia150s73
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. Lenz - A. A. Pamyatnykh - M. Breger - V. Antoci
44 Tau: Discrimination between MS and post-MS models page 75
doi: 10.1553/cia150s75
(Abstract) (PDF)

R. Garrido et al.
An asteroseismic Main Sequence model for the δ Scuti star 44 Tau page 77
doi: 10.1553/cia150s77
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Joshi et al.
The Nainital-Cape Survey: contributions to asteroseismology of CP stars page 79
doi: 10.1553/cia150s79
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Sachkov et al.
Vertical structure of pulsations in roAp stars page 81
doi: 10.1553/cia150s81
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. Ryabchikova - L. Mashonkina - A. Ryabtsev - R. Kildiyarova - M. Khristoforova
Non-LTE line formation in the atmospheres of Ap stars: importance for pulsational analysis of roAp stars page 83
doi: 10.1553/cia150s83
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. Lüftinger - O. Kochukhov - T. Ryabchikova - W. W. Weiss - I. Ilyin
First Magnetic Doppler Images of a roAp star page 85
doi: 10.1553/cia150s85
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. W. Kurtz
Discussion on δ Scuti and roAp star page 87
doi: 10.1553/cia150s87
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. B. Kaye
Asteroseismology of γ Doradus Variables: Past, Present, and Future page 91
doi: 10.1553/cia150s91
(Abstract) (PDF)

M.-A. Dupret et al.
Theoretical aspects of g-mode pulsations in γ Doradus stars page 98
doi: 10.1553/cia150s98
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. R. Bedding - H. Kjeldsen
Observations of solar-like oscillations page 106
doi: 10.1553/cia150s106
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. P. Hatzes - M. P. Döllinger - M. Endl
Stellar Oscillations in Giant Stars page 115
doi: 10.1553/cia150s115
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Houdek
Theoretical asteroseismology of solar-like oscillations page 122
doi: 10.1553/cia150s122
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Rodriguez et al.
_ Boo stars among the γ Dor-type pulsators: the cases of HD 218427 and HD 239276 page 131
doi: 10.1553/cia150s131
(Abstract) (PDF)

K. R. Pollard et al.
Coordinated observational campaigns for non-radially pulsating objects page 133
doi: 10.1553/cia150s133
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. J. Wright - K. R. Pollard - P. L. Cottrell
Analysis tools for non-radially pulsating objects page 135
doi: 10.1553/cia150s135
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Montalbán - A. Miglio - S. Théado
The convective envelope in γ Doradus stars: theoretical uncertainties page 137
doi: 10.1553/cia150s137
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Frandsen et al.
A search for solar-type oscillations in K giants in M4 page 139
doi: 10.1553/cia150s139
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Bazot et al.
Rotation and small separations of _ Cen A page 141
doi: 10.1553/cia150s141
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Molenda-Zakowicz - T. Arentoft - H. Kjeldsen - M. Vanko
Solar-like Oscillations with Kepler page 143
doi: 10.1553/cia150s143
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Karoff
High-frequency interference peaks in solar-like stars page 145
doi: 10.1553/cia150s145
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Karoff - H. Bruntt - H. Kjeldsen - T. Bedding - D. L. Buzasi
Detection of p-mode oscillations in β Hydri from photometric observations with WIRE page 147
doi: 10.1553/cia150s147
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. Stello et al.
Solar-like oscillations in open cluster stars page 149
doi: 10.1553/cia150s149
(Abstract) (PDF)

B. L. Popielski
Core modes as a seismic probe of mixing beyond the convective core page 151
doi: 10.1553/cia150s151
(Abstract) (PDF)

K. Belkacem et al.
Two-scale mass-flux closure models for turbulence: p-mode amplitudes in solar-like stars page 153
doi: 10.1553/cia150s153
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. O. Gough
Discussion on solar-like oscillators and γ Doradus stars page 155
doi: 10.1553/cia150s155
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Pigulski
The present day of asteroseismology of β Cephei stars: observations page 159
doi: 10.1553/cia150s159
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. De Cat
Observational Asteroseismology of slowly pulsating B stars page 167
doi: 10.1553/cia150s167
(Abstract) (PDF)

W. A. Dziembowski
Oscillations in main sequence B-type stars - challenges to theory page 175
doi: 10.1553/cia150s175
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Narwid - Z. Kolaczowski - A. Pigulski
Candidate SPB and γ Doradus stars from microlensing surveys page 181
doi: 10.1553/cia150s181
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Briquet - T. Morel
An abundance analysis of slowly pulsating B stars page 183
doi: 10.1553/cia150s183
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Godart
Temperature gradients in the core overshooting region page 185
doi: 10.1553/cia150s185
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Briquet et al.
A comparative study of B-type pulsators and non-pulsating chemically peculiar Bp stars page 187
doi: 10.1553/cia150s187
(Abstract) (PDF)

W. Zima - P. De Cat - C. Aerts
Mode identification of multi-periodic Slowly Pulsating B-stars: results and problems page 189
doi: 10.1553/cia150s189
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Pigulski et al.
The ongoing 2005 - 2006 campaign on β Cephei stars in NGC 6910 and _ Persei (NGC 884) page 191
doi: 10.1553/cia150s191
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Handler et al.
Pulsating variables in NGC 3293, the open cluster with the most β Cephei stars known page 193
doi: 10.1553/cia150s193
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Desmet et al.
A spectroscopic study of the β Cephei star 12 (DD) Lacertae page 195
doi: 10.1553/cia150s195
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Saesen et al.
Asteroseismology of the β Cephei star KP Per page 197
doi: 10.1553/cia150s197
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. Morel et al.
Nitrogen excess in slowly-rotating β Cephei stars: deep mixing or diffusion? page 199
doi: 10.1553/cia150s199
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. Morel - C. Aerts
An abundance study of the B-type targets for the asteroseismology programme of the CoRoT mission page 201
doi: 10.1553/cia150s201
(Abstract) (PDF)

P.-O. Bourge - S. Théado - A. Thoul
Effects of diffusion in β Cephei stars page 203
doi: 10.1553/cia150s203
(Abstract) (PDF)

R. Smolec - P. Moskalik
Amplitude Saturation in β Cephei Models - Preliminary Results page 205
doi: 10.1553/cia150s205
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. A. Pamyatnykh - W. Ziomek
The β Cephei instability domain for the new solar composition and with new OP opacities page 207
doi: 10.1553/cia150s207
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Miglio - P.-O. Bourge - J. Montalbán - M.-A. Dupret
Instability strips of main sequence B stars: a parametric study of iron enhancement page 209
doi: 10.1553/cia150s209
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. C. Suárez - R. Garrido - M. J. Goupil
Asteroseismology of the β Cephei star _ Eridani using differentially-rotating models page 211
doi: 10.1553/cia150s211
(Abstract) (PDF)

W. A. Dziembowski - J. Daszynska-Daszkiewicz - A. A. Pamyatnykh
Interpretation of the Be star HD 163868 oscillation spectrum based on the MOST observations page 213
doi: 10.1553/cia150s213
(Abstract) (PDF)

H. Saio et al.
g-modes in the late-type Be star β CMi detected by the MOST satellite page 215
doi: 10.1553/cia150s215
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Aerts
Discussion on β Cephei and SPB stars page 217
doi: 10.1553/cia150s217
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. O. Kepler
Observational white dwarf seismology page 221
doi: 10.1553/cia150s221
(Abstract) (PDF)

T. S. Metcalfe
The Future of Computational Asteroseismology page 227
doi: 10.1553/cia150s227
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. Kilkenny
Pulsating Hot Subdwarfs - An Observational Review page 234
doi: 10.1553/cia150s234
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Charpinet et al.
Ten years of asteroseismic modelling of pulsating B subdwarf stars: achievements, challenges, and prospects page 241
doi: 10.1553/cia150s241
(Abstract) (PDF)

P.-O. Quirion - G. Fontaine - P. Brassard
The Red Edge of GW Virgins stars page 247
doi: 10.1553/cia150s247
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Nitta et al.
Doubling the number of DBVs and a closer look at their Instability Strip page 249
doi: 10.1553/cia150s249
(Abstract) (PDF)

Zs. Bognár et al.
GD 99 - an unusual, rarely observed DAV white dwarf page 251
doi: 10.1553/cia150s251
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. H. Montgomery
Mapping Convection using Pulsating White Dwarf Stars page 253
doi: 10.1553/cia150s253
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. K. Randall - G. Fontaine - P. Brassard - E. M. Green
Towards Asteroseismology of Long-Period Variable Subdwarf B Stars page 255
doi: 10.1553/cia150s255
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Vuckovic
An old puzzle in a new light: PG 1336-018 page 257
doi: 10.1553/cia150s257
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Baran et al.
Change of splittings in Balloon 090100001 page 261
doi: 10.1553/cia150s261
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Tillich - U. Heber - S. J. O´Toole
Time resolved spectroscopy of the multiperiodic pulsating subdwarf B star PG 1605+072 page 259
doi: 10.1553/cia150s259
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Baran et al.
Mode identification in the pulsating subdwarf Balloon 090100001 by means of the spectrophotometric method page 263
doi: 10.1553/cia150s263
(Abstract) (PDF)

R. Ostensen - J. Telting - U. Heber
Time resolved spectroscopy of Balloon 090100001 page 265
doi: 10.1553/cia150s265
(Abstract) (PDF)

R. Oreiro et al.
The frequency distribution of PG 1657+416, a rapidly pulsating sdB star page 267
doi: 10.1553/cia150s267
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. D. Reed et al.
Observations of 23 EC 14026-type pulsating subdwarf B stars page 269
doi: 10.1553/cia150s269
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. R. Eggen et al.
Time-Series Spectroscopy of the subdwarf B Star PG 1219+534 page 271
doi: 10.1553/cia150s271
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Rodriguez-López - R. Garrido - A. Moya - J. MacDonald - A. Ulla
Stability analysis of sdO equilbrium models page 273
doi: 10.1553/cia150s273
(Abstract) (PDF)

let by D. E. Winget
Discussion on pulsating white dwarf and sdB stars page 275
doi: 10.1553/cia150s275
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. D. Kawaler
Asteroseismology: Lessons From the Past and Prospects for the Future page 279
doi: 10.1553/cia150s279
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Roth
The Network Activities in HELAS page 287
doi: 10.1553/cia150s287
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. L. Provencal - H. L. Shipman - and the WET TEAM
The Delaware Asteroseismic Research Center: Convection in Pulsating White Dwarfs page 293
doi: 10.1553/cia150s293
(Abstract) (PDF)

F. Grundahl et al.
Stellar Oscillations Network Group page 300
doi: 10.1553/cia150s300
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Fossat
Asteroseismology at Dome C in Antarctica page 307
doi: 10.1553/cia150s307
(Abstract) (PDF)

B. Mosser - and the SIAMOIS team
A Fourier Tachometer at Dome C in Antarctica page 309
doi: 10.1553/cia150s309
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. J. Amado et al.
Use of NIR spectroscopy for the study of pulsating stars page 311
doi: 10.1553/cia150s311
(Abstract) (PDF)

P. Gaulme et al.
Jovian seismology: preliminary results of the SYMPA instrument page 313
doi: 10.1553/cia150s313
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Tosti et al.
Small IRAIT Telescope: photometry and asteroseismology at Dome C page 315
doi: 10.1553/cia150s315
(Abstract) (PDF)

S. Schuh et al.
MONET, HET and SALT and asteroseismological observations and theory in Göttingen page 317
doi: 10.1553/cia150s317
(Abstract) (PDF)

I. Kudzej et al.
A New Slovak Observatory 500 km from Vienna page 319
doi: 10.1553/cia150s319
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Sterken
Reflections on some aspects of ground-based observations for asteroseismology page 321
doi: 10.1553/cia150s321
(Abstract) (PDF)

C. Sterken
Discussion on ground-based asteroseismology page 323
doi: 10.1553/cia150s323
(Abstract) (PDF)

H. Bruntt
Asteroseismology with the WIRE satellite page 326
doi: 10.1553/cia150s326
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. M. Matthews - and the MOST Science Team
One small satelite, so many light curves: Examples of δ Scuti asteroseismology from the MOST space mission page 333
doi: 10.1553/cia150s333
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Michel - A. Baglin - R. Samadi - F. Baudin - M. Auvergne
CoRoT data contribution to stellar seismology page 341
doi: 10.1553/cia150s341
(Abstract) (PDF)

W. W. Weiss
Microsatellites page 349
doi: 10.1553/cia150s349
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Christensen-Dalsgaard et al.
Asteroseismology with the Kepler mission page 350
doi: 10.1553/cia150s350
(Abstract) (PDF)

I. Roxburgh - C. Catala - and the PLATO team
The PLATO mission concept page 357
doi: 10.1553/cia150s357
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. Schrijver - K. G. Carpenter - M. Karovska
Dynamos, Asteroseismology, and the Stellar Imager page 364
doi: 10.1553/cia150s364
(Abstract) (PDF)

K. Uytterhoeven et al.
The ground-based counterpart of the CoRoT asteroseismic observations from space page 371
doi: 10.1553/cia150s371
(Abstract) (PDF)

A. Baglin
Discussion on space-based asteroseismology page 373
doi: 10.1553/cia150s373
(Abstract) (PDF)

M. Marconi et al.
Indication of pulsation in young Brown Dwarfs page 377
doi: 10.1553/cia150s377
(Abstract) (PDF)

E. Guggenberger - K. Kolenberg
RR Lyrae stars: The changing light curve shape during the Blazhko cycle page 379
doi: 10.1553/cia150s379
(Abstract) (PDF)

K. Kolenberg - E. Guggenberger
Photometric campaigns for the Blazhko Project page 381
doi: 10.1553/cia150s381
(Abstract) (PDF)

G. Kopacki - S. Frandsen
RR Lyrae stars in M4 page 383
doi: 10.1553/cia150s383
(Abstract) (PDF)

J. H. Pena - A. Arellano - J. P. Sareyan - R. Pena - M. Alvarez
Physical parameter determination of seven RR Lyrae stars in Bootes page 385
doi: 10.1553/cia150s385
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michel Breger
List of participants page 387
doi: 10.1553/cia150s387
(Abstract) (PDF)