Authors are asked to forward their articles as text files, accompanied by a PDF file, to the editor in chief at Submitted contributions may not be offered at the same time to another journal.

Rejected articles should not be resubmitted to the journal unless it is mentioned in the decision letter that the author can submit a reworked version of the article as a new submission. The newly submitted article will need to address all points made in the reviews and should be substantially different from the originally submitted article in ways that go well above and beyond what is typically associated with a major revision. The changes should cut across most aspects of the manuscript, leading to an article that is clearly different from the rejected version.

Such resubmissions are treated as new submissions. Accordingly, authors should follow the submission procedure for a new article. They should also provide a summary of the major changes and a copy of the rejected paper.

The resubmitted article will be first assessed to see whether it has changed sufficiently for reconsideration as a new submission. The bar for such a reconsideration is very high as editorial and peer-reviewer resources are scarce. Authors should not resubmit work with the idea of obtaining another review panel.